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Entrust us with your property

Selling a “special home”, requires passion, specific experience and expertise..

As a first step, we ask you for basic information and a good photograph of your property. We will then contact you to arrange a visit.
We ensure absolute confidentiality from the start.

Offer a property for sale

During our visit, we will discuss the market value and compare it with your expectations. Getting the valuation right is essential in order to position correctly your property on the market and will speed up the sale process.
Our valuation is completely free of charge.

We will also explain the steps required to sell the property, starting from an essential point: the assessment and preparation of all the necessary documents by professionals qualified to certify the building's planning, construction and registration information. All required documents must be ready before signing the preliminary contract.
Should you require their help, our technical collaborators are available to provide assistance.

We will also discuss another important aspect: how to present the property for sale. Presentation and taking the necessary steps to make sure the property appears at its best, is essential. In today's market, with buyers looking through hundreds of online listings, making your home stand out from the rest has become a must. Professional photographs send the right vibes at first glance.
Our home staging collaborators are available to help with this aspect of the sale.

We will then be ready to start marketing the property, in collaboration with other qualified professionals and mediators.
The objective is to reach the largest number of potential buyers as possible,ncluding on the international market.
You will not be charged for this.

Once you have a buyer, we will take care of all contractual aspects and assist you until the sale has been completed.

We put all our know-how and passion into making sure your property appeals to the maximum number of buyers.

Propose a property

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Propose a property

   The subscriber declares to have readthe regulation about Privacy