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Villa for rent near Fino Mornasco (CO) - Rif.AF-0607

For rent, near the International School of Como in Fino Mornasco (CO), we are looking for a single villa. Rental price maximum € 2.500,00/month.

For rent, in residential compound - Rif.AF-0606

For rent, we are looking for a single villa inside residential compound with guardian. Areas: Como, Brianza, Varese, Lakes Maggiore and Como.

FOR RENT, Besana Brianza (MB) - Rif. AF-0605

For rent, we are looking for an important villa with swimming pool and garden.

For rent near Swiss border - Rif.AF-0603

We are looking for large or small villas to rent 10 km maximum away from the Italian-Swiss border

Rent in San Fermo (CO) Rif. AF - 0602

For rent in San Fermo della Battaglia (Como area), we are looking for in a perfect state villa, about 200 sqm plus garage and garden.

Villa for rent in Carimate - Rif. AF 0601

FOR RENT in CARIMATE, we are looking for a villa with at least 3 bedrooms plus a servant bedroom. Garden.

Villas for rentals - Rif.AF-0600

We are looking for villas for rentals to international clients. Particularly interesting areas: Como city and surroundings (direction Milan and Switzerland), North Milan, Varese, Monza Brianza and Lecco surroundings.

Casale and Camagna Monferrato, farm house to refurbish - Rif.ML-0574

Monferrato, in the area between Casale and Camagna, we are looking for a typical farm house with panorama on the surrounding contryside. To be refurbished. Far away from noise, with 25,000 sqm land, mostly at vineyards.

Langhe, farm house with land - Rif.ML-0573

Between Langhe region and the seaside in a quiet position, we are looking for a countryhouse with at least 10,000 sqm land. Also to be renovated.

Camagna e Vignale Monferrato, ancient farm house - Rif.ML-0572

Between Camagna and Vignale Monferrato, isolated and panoramic position in the hilly countryside, we are looking for an ancient farm house completely and recently renovated. Besides the guardian's house, we need at least 4 boxes, 50,000 sqm land partly at garden and partly at paddocks.

Ovada, Langhe, elegant residence - Rif.ML-0571

OVADA area, upper position with beautiful view, we are looking for an elegant and rustic residence, with all the comforts of a modern house. Surrounding 30,000 sqm land.

Varese, villa - Rif.VA-0890

VARESE, residential area: We are looking for an exclusive villa with dépendance, perfect condition. Park very rich in plants.

Lago Maggiore, luxury villa - Rif.VA -0789

LAKE MAGGIORE, Lombardy bank, with panorama on the lake, luxury property placed in a rare position. At least 10,000 sqm land with swimming-pool or possibility to build it.

Oltrepò Pavese, Borgo Priolo - Rif.OP-0681

Borgo Priolo surroundings: we are looking for a farm house with annexes, dépendance and rustics. The restoration kept the original country characteristics. Far away from main roads, with easy access.

Broni, Oltrepò Pavese - Rif.OP-0680

Broni, we are looking for a rustic and sober farm perfectly placed in the hilly countryside. Rural annexes and land at lawn too.

Oltrepò Pavese, S.Maria della Versa - Rif.OP-0679

Santa Maria Della Versa, we are looking for a small countryhouse with surrounding land to use as b&b. Good panoramic position, easy access. Also to be renovated.

Salice Terme, Oltrepò Pavese - Rif.OP-0678

Salice Terme (Oltepo Pavese), we are looking for an elegant villa as main residence, surrounded by nature and not too far away from town centre. 400 sqm house and guardian's apartment. 5,000 sqm garden.

Monferrato and Langhe, estate - Rif.ML-0570

Between Monferrato and Langhe region: we are looking for a property with ancient residence. At least 5 hectares land all around and private position.

Monferrato, country house - Rif.ML0569

VIGNALE MONFERRATO: We are looking for a countryhouse in the vineyards. Good condition or in need of works (not structural)

Cascina con box cavalli nel Monferrato - Rif.ML-0568

We are looking for a large country house in the hills of Monferrato region, isolated and panoramic position. Porches, hay lofts, 4/6 boxes for horses or with the possibility to build them. 25,000 sqm land at garden, orchard and partly to realize paddocks.

Lake Varese villa - Rif.AR-0457

Casciago Morosolo and surroundings - For our client from Milan, we are looking for a villa looking onto Varese lake, to be renovated and in absolute privacy position. At least 4,000 sqm garden.

Real estates in Golf Clubs - Rif.GF-0345

We are looking for apartments, small and large villas in the surroundings or inside Golf Clubs: Como, Varese, Lake Maggiore and Monferrato regions.

Appiano Gentile - Rif.GO-0237

Appiano Gentile or surroundings - we are looking for a noble house with three independent apartments, guardian's apartment and garden. Far away from noise position, privacy guarantee.

Castelletto Ticino - Rif.GO-0234

In Castelletto Ticino surroundings, far away from noisy roads,we are looking for a farmhouse (to be renovated as well) with annexes and buildings for horses, at least 8 boxes or the possibility to build them. At least 35.000 sqm land all around.

Building land - Rif.BL-0126

We are looking for building lands to construct single villas. Interesting areas are Como region and Brianza, Monza and Lombardy lakes. Conditions: excellent position, far away from fast flowing roads

Volpedo and surroundings, Oltrepò Pavese - Rif.OP-0683

VOLPEDO and surroundings – we are looking for a lovely renovated farm house with typical rustic finishings such as cotto and parquet floors, wooden beams. Large rooms and porches. Land and garden with private area swimming-pool.

Ticino - Rif.GO-0236

Between Chiasso and Lugano (CH), far away from traffic, convenient position for the Swiss board and the Highway, we are looking for an exclusive villa with large board rooms and a dépendance. A covered swimming-pool is more desirable. 3000 sqm garden with lawns.

Como region - Rif.BL-0128

Como region - We are looking for a noble house with 3 independent apartments, guardian's apartment and garden. Far away from noise position,  with privacy guarantee.

Oltrepò Pavese hills, country house - Rif.OP-0682

Upon Oltrepo Pavese hills, we are looking for a countryhouse plunged in a quiet naturalistic area. A residence where you can taste warmth and flavour.

Como and surroundings - Rif.BL-0127

Como, San Fermo and surroundings - We're looking for a one-family villa. One unique floor with at least 3 bedrooms. Basement with service rooms and garage. 1500 sqm garden.

Val Intelvi - Rif.BL-0124

LANZO D'INTELVI or surroundings: we're looking for a Liberty villa with own park, intact and never restored. The essential condition is that every detail must be ORIGINAL. Our client is very demanding, but resolute

Angera and Laveno (Lake Maggiore), modern villa - Rif.VA-0891

Between Angera and Laveno, Lake Maggiore: we are looking for a modern villa on one unique level, lake view. Large living-room, 3-4 bedrooms, guests'area. 3,000 sqm garden with swimming-pool.

Country house in Monferrato - Rif.ML-0567

Casale Monferrato: we are looking for a country house with view on the hills, far away from traffica. Main apartment 250 sqm plus annexes. Courtyard, garden and surrounding land.

Agrate Conturbia - Rif.GO-0235

Agrate Conturbia (Piedmont, Novara) , quiet and green area, we are looking for a country house with large porches. Renovated, comfort size, maximum two levels and large garden.

Lake view villa - Rif.BL-0125

We are looking for our Italian client an exclusive lake view villa in Como area and surroundings. He needs boardrooms, 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, housekeeper's apartment. Garden with car parking possibilities.

Como Lake - Rif.BL-0123

Como Lake first basin - We're looking for an old villa, charming and fascinating. Nice sunny position with large surrounding garden.